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Thermal Inkjet Cartridge

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What is Thermal Inkjet Cartridge?
S&K Asia Thermal Inkjet Cartridge provides high-resolution bar codes, logos, and alphanumeric text with a reliable, no-maintenance, easy-to-use, snap-in and snap-out configuration. It prints superb text and image quality at high speeds across a wide range of substrate. This process mainly used in the end-line packaging to print information for identification, such as barcodes, batch codes and expiry dates.

Different types of ink?
S&K Asia innovative Signature Series aqueous and solvent inks have a proven track record of compatibility with a wide range of substrates. These inks produce sharp, crisp text and bar codes on wide range of surfaces including paper, wood, boxes, film, varnish coated and UV coated surfaces.

Porous Ink

Signature X3 is a hybrid ink formulated to produce beautiful high density print even at low resolution settings on porous and semi porous substrates, such as craft paper, corrugated paper, clay coated paper, wood and more!

Signature X4 is a dye ink formulated to produce beautiful, sharp printing with high scratch
resistance even at low resolution settings on porous substrates. The High Density dye ink X4 offers excellent versatility.
Non-Porous Ink
Signature R3 can print on non-porous materials without the use of a heater. R3 ink is ideal for printing on packing! As well as semi-porous materials, this ink can print on non-porous materials
Signature R5 is evolutionary new ink, R5 is now capable to print on OPP and other films. those cannot be printed by conventional ink formulation R5 achieved fast dry without heater, long De- cap time*, and easier maintenance
Signature R8 Innovative Ink is now available as solution for incidential print troubles such as nozzle clogging. Signature R8 will increase access to TIJ dominating applications with its longer throw distance, longer shelf life, and stable continuous printing.